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Drain Descaling London

 As you may already be aware, the south east of England is a hard water area. This hard water creates scale in pipe work in everything which contains water, your kitchen kettle is a perfect example of this. Drainage systems across London, have, for years suffered from reduced flow due to hard water scale building up within the pipe work.
As a result these drains and pipes are far more likely to block up due to the reduction in flow within the pipe. Accelerated Drain services have specialist equipment which has been designed to remove this scale. The equipment itself is imported from the USA and is considered the very best on the market. ADS has invested in these machines and have trained all engineering personal in the safe use of them.

This permits us to carry out drain de-scaling works on a wide variety of pipe work including stacks, and main drains. This work is often carried out as part of routine maintenance on systems which have suffered from blockage caused by hard water scale.

Please contact us should you require further information about our de-scaling services.




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