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Drain Mapping

Drain Mapping and Drain Tracing Services

ADS offer a full range of drain mapping and drain tracing services. Drain mapping is designed to locate and record the location of underground drainage systems and is often carried out in conjuction with CCTV drain surveys.
Different coloured dye are also used to confirm inlet and out lets.

Build over survey are becoming common place for people building extensions to their homes as water company drains and sewers can often be found under private gardens and side returns. It is important to know exactly where these drains and sewers are and who they belong to. CCTV surveys, training and mapping will answer all of these very important questions.


 ADS use two types of locating equipment including Radio Detection:


Also C-Scope Locators:


Safety is  key issue here at ADS London Drainage. As fully certified drainage contractors saftey is our number one priority:


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