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NADC Certified Drainage Contractor

The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) was set up in 2009 to form a professional institution to protect and give guidance to drainage contractors.

Here at Accelerated Drains we are proud to say that one of the founding members of the NADC, Martin Beattie, is a member of our company. He has been highly influential in its development and strategy and continues to this day to work hard on the behalf of drainage contractors nationwide.

About the NADC

Aims and Objectives

A number of aims and objectives of the NADC have been recognised by members and include:
• To be a central representative body to put the views of the drainage industry to government departments and agencies, local   authorities and other relevant organisations.

• To be a technical centre  providing commentary, guidance and advice on legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to members.

• To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information.

• To promote certified and accredited drainage professionals.

• To provide training and business development services.



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