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Drain Cleaning is normally carried out by employing a variety of specialist electro mechanical machines typically combined with high pressure water jetting.

As all drainage systems across London and the South East are in what is known as a hard water area as a consequence hard water scale builds up within your drainage system which reduces flow and creates a reduction in what is known as hydraulic capacity.

Hard water scale is a leading contributor of drain blockages this combined with the fact that London’s Drainage systems are amongst the oldest in the world.

Making it imperative that drains need to be routinely descaled to ensure maximum flow capacity at all times and reduce the risk of blockages and flooding.

Here at Accelerated Drain Services each of our mobile units carries all of the required equipment to both clear and clean drain pipes quickly, safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our Engineers are NADC Certified, which insures our customers receive a professional and qualified service at all times.

If you are having drainage problems then please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers above where you will find our professional team are always happy to help.

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