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If you have a damaged drain requiring treatment you should consider drain lining as there are many advantages.

Drain repairs can be carried out without the need for expensive and messy excavation work making it a cheaper and quicker solution to your problem, also in most cases there is no sign of any work having been carried out.

Drain lining is the process of inserting a sleeve into the existing drain. We inflate the sleeve so that it fits tightly against the existing one. Once the chemical resin has dried we remove the inflated inner lining (usually a polyester resin based felt liner) giving you a drain which has been relined and ready for many years of use.

Other options that this method is used for are Patch lining which targets smaller areas which may have been damaged by displaced joints or nearby tree rooting penetration. Radius patch is also used for repair of damaged or leaking rest bends.

Here at ADS we have the expertise to carry out full length or isolated drain relining repairs. As always we provide options to meet customer budgets without any loss of expertise or years of experience.

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